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8 Best Floor Jacks for 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A floor jack is a must-have tool for any home or professional mechanic when you need to lift your vehicle. It will make your job underneath the vehicle much easier and safer. With so many different designs, capacities, materials, and sizes available in the market, it is not easy to choose the right one for your needs.

The best car floor jack needs to provide a safe lift for your car and help you access the parts that need to be serviced, no matter if that is a flat tire change, oil change or some other more complicated repairs. It is important to follow a safe operating procedure, which involves the usage of jack stands and wheel clocks to stabilize the vehicle.

Each product on our list has been carefully reviewed. We also added a detailed buying guide to help you find the right features and characteristics you need, depending on the skill level and the kind of work you intend to do with the vehicle jack. So, the choice does not have to be complicated when you have some basic information right in front of you.

Floor Jack Reviews

Investing in the future of your garage by buying the best quality jack for the ultimate safety and performance is an important decision. Here are the eight best floor jacks in eight different categories:

1. Best Lightweight Floor Jack – Arcan Quick Rise A20018

Arcan Quick Rise A20018


Load capacity: 3 tons

Lifting range: 3.75” to 18”

Material: Aluminum

Item dimensions:  30” x 13.5” x 8”

Item weight: 56 Pounds

This automotive floor jack allows for easy maneuverability due to its lightweight aircraft-grade material. It features dual pump pistons that quickly raise the floor jack saddle to load. A reinforced lift arm increases strength, durability, and chassis control. It allows for very smooth and slow vehicle lowering, so you will have complete control over lowering a jacked-up vehicle with this jack. You just need to rotate the handle slowly, and when it starts to lower, you stop, or you can rotate back the other way to stop lowering it.

What is important, it complies with ASME PASE 2019 safety standards to ensure that Arcan products are among the safest in the market. A side-mount handle allows for convenient jack positioning.

WHAT WE LIKED// Decent price, Easily removable handle, Operates very smoothly

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// Poor customer service, Lack of instruction/warning on shipping hook removal

2. Best Under 100 – BIG RED T83006 Torin

BIG RED T83006 Torin


Load capacity: 3 tons

Lifting range: 5.88” to 20.88”

Material: Alloy steel

Item dimensions: 25” x 14” x 9.5”

Item weight: 80 Pounds

The Torin BIG RED T83006 hydraulic trolley floor jack is constructed with heavy-duty steel, providing long-term durability with an industrial luster. It is ideal for most trucks, vans, SUVs, and cars. It is equipped with two large steel casters and two 360o swivel casters for smooth maneuverability. The extra-long saddle neck saves time when lifting higher vehicles. A built-in carrying handle allows the floor jack to be lifted and moved quickly.

A safety bypass system ensures safe operation by preventing overloading. A single-piston quick lift pump allows you to raise the jack to the desired height easily.

WHAT WE LIKED// Price, Convenient removable extra-long neck

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// Would be nice with a slower drop

3. Best Low-Profile Floor Jack – Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack

Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack


Load capacity: 3 tons

Lifting range: 3” to 20”

Material: Alloy steel

Item dimensions: 31” x 15” x 6.5”

Item weight: 72 Pounds

This Liftmaster 3 Ton heavy, solid, and big floor jack lifts smoothly and quickly with a dual pump quick-lift hydraulic system. It features a two-piece knurled steel handle for a sure grip. It is equipped with a foam bumper to prevent damage to the vehicle and a strengthened rubber pad for better protection and friction.

Its 3” ultra-low profile allows for easy placement under the lowered vehicles. It requires only a few pumps to lift a car to a serviceable height. The handle is completely removable for easier transportation – it can be broken into two parts; you just need to remove one bolt from the handle. The saddle size is 4”.

WHAT WE LIKED// Easy to use

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// Jammed front wheels

4. Best Aluminum Floor Jack – OTC LDJA2



Load capacity: 2 tons

Lifting range: 3.25” to 18.88”

Material: Aluminum

Item dimensions: ‎30.2” x 13.7” x 7”

Item weight: 42 Pounds

Being a trusted name in the professional automotive industry, it meets ASME PASE-2019 safety standards for service jacks. It has newly added features to lift faster, higher, and be easier to use with the quick-lift design that lifts vehicles quickly with fewer pumps.

New and improved hydraulics and a wider track for the wheels make it durable and easy to use. A 4-foot padded lower handle protects rocker and door panels while providing maximum leverage to lift vehicles. The rubber saddle protects the vehicle undercarriage and prevents slipping. The saddle can be removed for a lower profile to get under road-hugging vehicles as low as 3.4”.

WHAT WE LIKED// Extremely lightweight

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// No significant downsides

5. Best 3 Ton Floor Jack – ARCAN HJ3000A/A20001

ARCAN HJ3000A-A20001


Load capacity: 3 tons

Lifting range: 4” to 18. 5”

Material: Aluminum/Steel

Item dimensions: 6.12” x 23.9” x 12.2”

Item weight: 58 pounds

This steel–aluminum hybrid combines steel durability with a lightweight chassis, making it ideal for professional mechanics and enthusiasts. It is designed to provide the ultimate vehicle protection with a rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper. This garage jack is sturdy as anything and quite heavy despite the hybrid construction. The pumping effort is not so difficult and does not require so many strokes. It is well built and designed for professional use.

What is more, all ARCAN lifting equipment is put through rigorous and voluntary third-party safety testing as outlined by the ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment. It ensures that ARCAN products are among the safest on the market.

WHAT WE LIKED// Lifts quickly, lowers gently

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// Rubber pad on the top is of poor quality, Not so lightweight as advertised

6. Best Hydraulic Floor Jack – Blackhawk B6350

Blackhawk B6350


Load capacity: 3.5 tons

Lifting range: 5” to 22”

Material: Alloy steel

Item dimensions: 28.5” x 13.75” x 6.5”

Item weight: 85 Pounds

This Blackhawk service jack has a built-in internal safety valve and vent plug that ensures safe operation. Swivel saddle with saddle diameter of 4” provides easy jack positioning and user safety. It features a rugged universal joint for precise load control and a bypass device that prevents the damage from over-pumping.

Its heavy-duty steel construction will surely provide the floor jack’s safe use and long-term durability. Just make sure to use a pair of appropriately rated jack stands immediately after the lifting because jack stands are designed only to lift, not to support the weight of an object.

WHAT WE LIKED// Sturdily built, Wheels are wide enough to roll smoothly on the garage floor

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// Shoddy welds at the bottom of the handle

7. Best Floor Jack for Trucks – AFF 400SS



Load capacity: 4 tons

Lifting range: 4.30” to 20.50”

Material: Alloy steel

Item dimensions: 34” x 16” x 8”

Item weight: 105 Pounds

The heavy-duty AFF floor jack features a universal joint technology that gives you a more controlled descent. It is designed with a twin hydraulic system for faster and more efficient lifting. At the same time, the two-piece handle helps with pumping, positioning, and easy storage. The rear-mounted swivel casters provide easy maneuverability. The padded and pinned saddle offers a quick lift, and added vehicle protection and flanged side plates increase stability during work.

In addition, ram, heavy-duty pump, and cylinders are precision machined and inspected to ensure long service life. High-grade U-cups seals and high-pressure plungers are designed for maximum performance. Also, an integrated parts tray keeps small components from getting lost. It meets ASME 2014 safety standards.

WHAT WE LIKED// Excellent build quality


8. Best Budget Floor Jack – Pro-Lift F-767

Pro-Lift F-767


Load capacity: 2 tons

Lifting range: 3.38” to 14”

Material: Alloy steel

Item dimensions: 22.5” x 8.88” x 5.88”

Item weight: 31 Pounds

This low-profile floor jack will give you better access to low ground clearance vehicles – it can fit under clearance of 3.38 inches and maneuvered easily into position. This will allow you to raise most cars, including vehicles with performance suspension setups. Pro Lift F-767 floor jack also features heavy-duty reinforced steel construction, providing long-lasting durability.

Pro-Lift unique patented bypass device protects against over-pumping. Its built-in safety valve provides overload protection. The Pro-Lift low-profile jack is coated in a grey finish that makes it rust-resistant. It features steel wheels that roll smoothly around any hard, flat surface; the rear wheels rotate, making it a breeze to change direction.

WHAT WE LIKED// Simple to use, Sleek design, Excellent price

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE// Cheap paint

Car Jack Buying Guide

When it comes to portable floor jacks, there are some features that you need to consider before buying the right one for your garage. Choosing the car floor jack that will cater to your particular needs is important. Let us investigate all the considerations to account for during the buying process.


When choosing the material, there are three options: steel, aluminum, or hybrids. Steel is the most durable, the cheapest, but also the heaviest option – it is not so easy to move them around the garage. Aluminum is lighter, less durable, and more expensive than steel. It is a good choice for the average car owner who uses it occasionally. The hybrid floor jacks are made of a mix of steel and aluminum to compromise the qualities of both metals.

Height Range

Hydraulic car jack has both minimum and maximum height. The minimum height is the shortest the jack can be, so measuring your car’s clearance before buying the floor jack is probably the smartest move.

The maximum height is the highest the jack can lift your car. The height usually depends on the type of job you need to perform on your vehicle. Still, we found out that 20″ is probably enough to get almost everything done.

Saddle Size

Saddle size refers to the size of the area in contact with the vehicle. A larger saddle size (up to 3” or 4”) equals a more stable raised position.


Different machines can lift different weights. This is especially an issue if you drive a truck, so you need a higher rating machine. It is important to remember not to, in any circumstances, use the jack to lift more than it is rated for. A good rule of thumb says you should stay under 2/3 of your jack’s capacity.


The choice between cheaper and more expensive floor jacks will largely depend on the usage. If you are a professional who uses floor jacks daily, then investing in a durable and high-quality jack is the best to do. However, if you are a car enthusiast who uses a jack to change tires seasonally, then the more affordable jack is the right one for you.

Leading Jack Brands

Arcan – Arcan Professional Tools is a company that proudly delivers high-quality lifting equipment, power tools, hammers and hand tools with the professional technician in mind. Their products are innovative and user-friendly, manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Torin Automotive Equipment – Founded in 2014 in Ontario, the company offers jacks, engine stands and cranes, creepers, car lifts, and vehicle repair services.

American Forge and Foundry – Established in 1963, American Forge & Foundry has built a long-standing tradition of providing premium quality products, exceptional service and outstanding value. The AFF brand stands for safety, durability, and customer care.