off road trucks

10 Off-Road Trucks Ready for Rocks, Mud and Snow

Off road trucks are like all-around team players. They have to be fast, modern looking, spacious, fuel efficient, powerful, confident, comfortable but at the same time firm and sturdy to handle trips away from the pavement, and smoothly go through the mud and snow.
Dually trucks

5 Best Dually Trucks for Towing 30,000 Pounds

Dually trucks (some like to say dully truck, dooley, duely or duly truck) are pickup trucks with four wheels in the rear axle, which is the main difference between dually and non-dually truck. Dually pickup is a must for heavy towing, and we mean heavy!

used pickup buying guide

5 Best Used Pickup Trucks to Buy in 2022

There are many reasons why you should buy a used pickup truck. First and most obvious one is that you don’t have $35,000 for the base price of a new truck. The second reason is you don’t want to throw your money on a vehicle that you use most of the time for hauling and towing heavy load on job site.
Small Trucks Buying Guide

5 Small Trucks for Big Jobs, Compared in 1 Place

Maybe small in size, but these 5 pickup trucks are capable of big jobs. To help you decide and choose the best, we compared 5 models we found most interesting. The focus was on price, fuel economy, reliability, and cargo capacity. Look at our findings here.

Best Diesel Truck Buying Guide

10 Towing Kings – Best Diesel Trucks

The idea to put a diesel engine into a pickup truck is not new at all. Ford introduced the first diesel truck in the early '80s. It was 6.9L V8 International. Other manufacturers like Dodge, Chevy, and GM, did the same, offering at least one model of the truck with a diesel engine. However, the US market is still flooded with trucks powered by petrol.
Best Used Trucks Under $5,000

Best Used Trucks Under $5,000

Sometimes we don’t want to spend big money on a vehicle, sometimes we need a vehicle to continue or expand the business, BUT OUR BUDGET IS LIMITED. No matter the reason, the lines below are going to show what options you have for 5,000 dollars. We’ve interviewed business owners who depend on work trucks and made a list of best used trucks under $5000.

Best MPG Trucks

Best MPG Trucks – Fuel Efficiency & Performance in One Package

A decade ago, we didn’t pay attention to fuel economy and bills at the gas station. Now, when gas price is changing daily (funny, they call it price correction), we need to put fuel economy on our priority list. Unfortunately, as a truck driver, you are familiar with this very well. You need to spend a lot of money to fill in 25 gallons fuel tank of an average full-sized truck.
Diesel vs Gas Truck

Diesel vs. Gas Truck? Surprising Result at The End of The Battle

The question “Should I Buy Diesel or Gas Truck” is old as much as the first diesel-powered truck. Back in 80’ Ford revealed first truck equipped with 6.9L V8 Navistar International diesel engine. Since then, the buzz around the diesel vs. gas truck makes drivers argue and praise their choice.


Lifted Trucks - Trend or a Necessity

Lifted trucks became popular many years ago in the US. In fact, they are popular even guys who never took their truck on mud, ice or show decide to add several inches and increase ground clearance. Some lift new truck and never go off-road. So do you really need to throw $5,000 or even more....
Work Truck Buying Guide

How to Buy Work Truck Without Making a Mistake

This work truck buying guide will help you no matter if you are looking to upgrade your commercial fleet (for experienced truck drivers) or you are just about to start a new business adventure (first-time truck buyer). In general, you can apply these rules for purchasing all utility vehicles you will use for business: work truck, cargo (service) van, pickup and delivery van.

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