Electrician Van - Shelving, Setup and Organization for 10X Higher Productivity

An electrician van is like the brick-and-mortar office. It’s important to think of it that way. Since you don’t have an office job where you sit behind a desk every day, work van is your place of business. Just, like the office, work van must be well-organized with everything you need to work within easy search.

Electricians and electrical contractors transport tools and valuable equipment in cargo vans each day. Work productivity can be increased by being able to locate and easily access what you need on a job quickly.

A proper electrician van organization enables electrician contractors to set up correctly and store parts, equipment, and tools they need for work. The carefully chosen group of van accessories coupled with the base shelving make the ultimate van package for electrical contractors.

Organizing Your Tools in a Van

It’s time to think about fitting work van so you can organize accessories, tools, and record efficiently. If you don’t know where everything is, you spend far much time looking for the right tool or going back and forth to van because you’re only able to find one thing you need time.

Before you choose any electrician van shelving package, it’s a great work van organizer idea to think about the organizational map you want to make. The thought is to create a van layout that boosts your productivity.

An organizational map is especially important if you own electrician van fleet. Having a uniform organizational structure no matter how many vans you operate is pivotal for you or your crew.

These are factors to consider to you set up electrician van:

Inventory: What tools or accessories you really need for a job? You don’t need spacious tools, that you won’t use for everyday work. It’s better to leave that tool in the central office until required for a specific task. After you choose the necessary tools, you can see how much space you have left over for extras;

Fundamental Tools: There are many tools, despite what job you’re doing, that will always be required. Place these tools near the doors so that they’re easy to reach;

Heavy Equipment: Electricians sometimes need to carry portable generators or other heavy appliances. Avoid storing these in some back corner of the cargo van where they’re exceedingly difficult to remove any load. Therefore, store them in places near doors where they can be easily removed;

Lighting: If the back of a van is dark, unlighted area, not only it'll be difficult to find tools, but it can be dangerous. To help, you can place touch-activated lights that can be accessed easily;

Gas: In case, you want to save money on the overall cost of the upfitting work van, you’ll probably choose steel. If better gas mileage is critical to your business, aluminum racks and shelves will improve fuel efficiency.

Work Van Organization Benefits

You don’t need the stress of not being able to find a tool quickly. Worse, not being organized means you don’t do as many jobs in a day as your contractor, or you would prefer. Bottom line, with a bad work van organization idea you’re just costing your boss, or yourself, money.

Organizing work van so that your tools are readily available and appropriately stored results in at least 5 benefits:

• You’ll have fewer headaches and annoying driving experience because cargo can is so noisy;

• If you adequately store accessories and tools, they last longer, which saves you money in the long term;

• Spending less time on each job looking for the right tools, which can mean more income since you’ll be quicker on each project;

• When van is well-organized, the customers will have a higher opinion of you and the ability to do the job. Also, it means they’ll recommend you to their friends, which is excellent for your business.

Electrician Van Setup

Organization plan is made. You create a system, where you’ll be easily able to find the tools and the accessories required to work efficiently and quickly.

Therefore, let’s grab a moment to look at the components that can make the electrician van setup a reality:


The buying and installation of a quality electrician van shelving unit isn’t only a smart investment but a vital one. With its primary purpose to organize and maximize the space in your work van, the crucial mission of safety can sometimes be overlooked.

A good quality well-designed shelving system will have all your equipment and tools securely stacked and packed away. Therefore, avoiding damage to tools, equipment, van, and most importantly you.

Adequate shelving maximizes storage space in electrician van, keeps everything organized, enhances job efficiency, and makes a fantastic impression on a customer.


Sometimes folks don’t consider how important it's to have a proper floor in the electrician van. But, the adequate type of flooring makes it easier for you or your crew to move around more efficiently and without fear of falling or slipping.

Ceiling Liners

Even when you have all your equipment correctly stored, tools and other accessories can still make a lot of noise. Ceiling liners reduce noise and help work van staying in an excellent condition. It means that van can be quickly sold later in case you want to move to a new model.


An organized electrician van means it’s less likely that those tools or accessories will come flying at your head if you have to make a sudden stop.

Even in an organized work van, it still be might be possible for some things to make their way forward. The perfect solution to this problem is to buy van partitions.


They’re ideal for storing hitch steps, ladders, and some heavy equipment. When you’re making set up plan, it's an important part to take into account.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance includes the most crucial part of running your work and business. Besides this, routine maintenance will ensure that your electrician van will operate smoothly.

Tires, oil, and coolant are 3 things which will have to be most regularly checked:

Tires: Maintaining your tires is essential for van operating. Low tire pressure will cause increased gas intake. Tire tread should be regularly checked as faulty tires can cause an accident or fine;

Oil: Clean, dark oil is a sign of a healthy engine. But, a discrepancy within the color or gradient must be immediately addressed.;

Coolant: It will protect commercial van versus heating and rapturing or additional components underneath the hood. Check for signs of low levels, and instantly top it off as necessary to avoid an overheating risk to the engine.

How to Secure Work Van?

Keeping van secure is no doubt one of your chief priorities, especially if you’re running a small business and depend on it to transport gear.

Haphazardly, electrical vans are a top target for thieves, who break in hoping they’ll find expensive stuff to steal. As an electrician, your tools are a crucial component of your everyday work, so it’s pivotal to protect them.

So, read carefully these few safety measures on how to improve work van’s security:


The locks that are standard on van doors often aren’t capable enough to stop thieves from finding a way in, and many are easy to break. Therefore, you’ll need to add some extra security measures to van doors: steel-clad locks and heavy-duty deadlocks will add another level of protection, and thieves will struggle to break through them.

Park Securely

Just be careful when parking your van during the day, stick to busy, well-lit areas, ideally covered by security cameras. Before leaving your vehicle, it’s wise to choose a well-lit and secure parking area and removing tools and equipment whenever possible can only be to your advantage.

Alarm Systems

Most new vans offer a great range of security functions but double-check the vehicle you're looking at has the adequate security kit as standard. If you need to add extras, consider adding an alarm to get extra protection to your van and valuable equipment.

What is the most Reliable Electrician Van?

While a lot of work vans offer great flexibility for almost all vocations, it’ll pay off to choose one that’s ideal for a specific project. Many van manufacturers consider electrician’s demands when designing their vehicles.

Before you choose work wan for your business, it's crucial to scan the capabilities van needs to offer since it's going to be a long-run investment.:

Storage: Depending on the jobs you regularly take, you’ll need to know how high and long the chassis needs to be to load everything in, especially the heavy equipment;

Cargo safety: Even just carrying only tools, electricians could effectively have thousands of dollars’ worth of gear in their cargo vans, so it crucial to have safety add-ons;

Ease of shelving: Some vehicles are much easier than others to customize, whether it’s a storage bin or standard shelving system, you need something adaptable to your needs.