Truck Bed Dimensions & Size Chart Comparison

In this article, you can easily find bed dimensions for the most popular pickups in the US market – Toyota, GMC, Ford, RAM, Nissan and Chevy/GMC. The truck bed size chart includes model, manufacturing year, can style, bed width and length. We covered some very old truck models, like GMC from 1967 to current models of all reputable manufacturers. Below the tables, you can learn some essential information about truck bed and cab types.

There is nothing fancy in truck beds, but the most important you should know is that if you want to haul more cargo, you need a truck with a long bed and a single cab. Opposite, if you need to drive workers to the construction site, look for a short bed size pickup with extended or crew cab. That’s a general rule of thumb, which means that bed length is related to cab type. Your setup will depend on your preferences and how you use your pickup. Campers usually need crew cabs with short bed. Those who use a truck for work, like contractors always opt for long bed truck, usually with a standard cab.

There are three truck bed lengths available – short, standard and long bed. Short beds are 5-6 feet long. The standard bed is from 6 to 6.5 feet and long bed is 8 feet long.

Truck Bed Size Chart by Make and Model


MakeModelYearBox StyleLengthWidth (Cab)(Tailgate)
DodgeDakota 5' bed2008-20115' BED6357.557.25
DodgeDakota 6' bed2008-20116' bed76.7557.557.25
DodgeDakota2005-2007Quad Cab6357.37557.375
DodgeDakota2000-2004Quad Cab6357.37557.375
DodgeRam 2500/35002002Long96.565.562.875
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35001994-2001Long96.565.562.875
DodgeRam 2500/35002002Short76.565.562.875
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35001994-2001Short76.565.562.875
DodgeRam 15002002-2008Short74.565.562.1875
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002003-2008Short74.565.562.1875
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002003-2008Long96.565.562.1875
DodgeRam 15002009-2013Crew 5'-7" Rambox65.552.62552.625
DodgeRam 15002009-2013Crew 5'-7"65.56262.063
DodgeRam 15002009-2013Short74.2565.37562.063
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002010-2013Short74.2565.37562.063
DodgeRam 1500/2500/350020126'4" Rambox74.553.37553.375
DodgeRam 15002009-2013Long96.37565.562.063
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002010-2013Long96.37565.562.063
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002009-2018Standard74.3"65.5"n/a
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002009-2018Long96.4"65.5"n/a
DodgeRam 15002019-currentShort67.466.4"n/a
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002019-currentStandard76.3"66.4"n/a
DodgeRam 1500/2500/35002019-currentLong98.4"66.4"n/a


MakeModelYearBox StyleLengthWidth (Cab)Width (Tailgate)
FordF-150 SuperCrew2001-2003Short65.56363.2557.25
FordF-150/250/250 HD/3501973-1996Short80.37564.87564.875
FordF-250 HD/3501997-1998Short80.37564.87564.875
FordF-150/LD 2501997-2003Long96.18862.31362.3125
FordF-150/LD 2501997-2003Short77.562.31362.3125
FordF-250 HD/3501997-1998Long96.7564.87564.875
FordF-150/250/250 HD/3501973-1996Long96.7564.87564.875
FordF-250 HD/F-3501999-2007Long9764.7563.5
FordF-250 HD/F-3502008-2013Long96.37564.7563.5
FordF-250 HD/F-3501999-2007Short80.81364.7563.5
FordF-250 HD/F-3502008-2013Short80.18864.7563.5
FordExplorer Sport Trac2001-2006Short50.555.2554.6875
FordExplorer Sport Trac2007-2010Short50.37550.62550
FordF-150 8' Bed2004-2008Long9662.43862.438
FordF-150 6.5' Bed2004-2008Short77.7562.43862.438
FordF-150 5.5' Bed2004-2008E-Short65.87562.43862.438
FordF-150 8' Bed2009-2013Long95.7562.43862.438
FordF-150 6.5' Bed2009-2013Short77.562.43862.438
FordF-150 5.5' Bed2009-2013E-Short65.62562.43862.438


MakeModelYearBox StyleLengthWidth (Cab)Width (Tailgate)
Chevy/GMCFull Size1967-1972Short76.566.2566.25
Chevy/GMCFull Size1967-1972Long96.2566.2566.25
Chevy/GMCFull Size C/K1973-1987Long96.37565.31365.3125
Chevy/GMCFull Size C/K1973-1987Short76.2565.31365.3125
Chevy/GMCS-10/Sonoma2001-2004Crew Cab54.56356.31355
Chevy/GMCChevySilverado/Sierra 2500 HD2001-2006Crew Cab96.62563.68862
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 5'-8" Bed2004-2007Crew68.12563.18861.75
Chevy/GMCGM Avalanche 5'11" Bed2014n/an/an/an/a
Chevy/GMCGM Avalanche 5'11" Bed2002-201364.255251.75
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 8' Bed2014n/an/an/an/a
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 8' Bed2007-2013Long96.62563.62562
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 6'-6" Bed2014n/an/an/an/a
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 6'-6" Bed2007-2013Standard77.563.62562
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 5'-8" Bed2014n/an/an/an/a
Chevy/GMCGM Full Size 5'-8" Bed2007-2013Short6863.62562
GMCHummer HT32009-20105'60.1885454


MakeModelYearBox StyleLengthWidth (Cab)Width (Tailgate)
NissanFrontier King Cab2005-2013Short72.558.68858.688
NissanFrontier Crew Cab2000-2004Short54.87554.68854.6875
NissanFrontier Crew Cab2000-2004Short73.37554.68854.6875
NissanFrontier King Cab1998-2004Short73.37554.68854.6875
NissanFrontier Regular Cab1998-2004Short76.31354.68854.6875
NissanTitan 8' Bed2008-2013Long96.7561.2561.5
NissanTitan 7' Bed2008-2013Short84.87561.2561.5
NissanTitan 6'-6" Bed2004-2013Short77.2561.2561.5
NissanTitan 5'-6" bed2004-2013Short65.37561.2561.5
NissanKing Cab1986-1997Short73.31354.62554.625
NissanRegular Cab1986-1997Short72.68854.62554.625


MakeModelYearBox StyleLengthWidth (Cab)Width (Tailgate)
ToyotaTacoma Double Cab2005-2013Short6156.7556.25
ToyotaT-100 X-Cab1995-1998Short74.43861.43861.4375
ToyotaTacoma Double Cab2001-2004Short60.2557.12557.125
ToyotaTundra W/Bed Caps2001-2006Short74.43861.06361.0625
ToyotaTundra Crew Cab2004-2006Short74.43861.06361.0625
ToyotaTundra Stepside2003-2006Short73.2554.12549.5
ToyotaTundra 8' Bed2007-2013Long95.87562.56362.688
ToyotaTundra 6'-6" Bed2007-2013Short7762.56362.688
ToyotaTundra 5'-5" Bed2007-2013Short64.87562.56362.688

What is Long Bed Truck

The long bed truck is usually a foot or two longer than the short bed one and is more popular on commercial trucks. Full-size long bed trucks also have the advantage of being the standard vehicle to haul a trailer.

With the long bed truck, you can carry more weight. You’re not going to be limited with the size of a truck, and you can also get more towing capacity. Long bed trucks also have some other versatile features as being able to haul 8-foot dimensional lumber.

How Long is Long Bed Truck

Compact long bed truck is typically 7 ft long, and full-size long beds are usually 8 ft long. Full-size long beds could carry a standard-size 4 ft×8 ft sheet of drywall, plywood or other material standardly made in that size, with the tailgate closed.

The width inside the wheel wells on all of them, regardless of load rating, will be 48.5–51″ to accommodate a standard 4x8 sheet of whatever you might be hauling. Pretty much any sheet that you would be carrying in a truck comes in a 4x8′ such as drywall, plywood, steel sheet, foam insulation.

The length of most long beds is 8′ plus “a bit” of wiggle room, usually 2 inches. Some older trucks had an 8′6″ bed. Most short beds are 6′6″. An 8′ sheet will extend to the end of the tailgate when it’s open.

The ultra-shorts rely mostly on vehicle load rating and manufacturer as the compact trucks have different sized beds than the standard size. A full-size half-ton truck will still be almost 48.5″ between the wheel wells, but a compact usually is closer to 42″.

Truck Bed Types

Pickup truck terminology can be confusing. For newbies, each manufacturer has made own naming chart for their models. Then, manufacturers also create own names for truck bed types. There are 2 main types: short bed and long bed as well as 2 different styles standard bed and step side bed.

Short Bed Truck

The short bed is the most popular type of pickup truck bed and is sometimes called a short box. These beds provide great load-hauling capabilities but aren’t so long. Therefore, they wouldn’t be difficult to drive or park.

How Long Is Short Bed Truck: Compact truck beds are generally about 5 ft long, and full-size beds are usually 6.5 ft.

Extra Short Bed Truck

Generally, extra short bed refers to a standard short bed. Still, certain truck makers, when referring to their four-door trucks, offer both a standard short bed as well as a super short bed or extra-short bed. The automaker may apply to the 5.5 ft bed as a short bed and the 6.5 ft bed as a long bed.

Truck Bed Styles

Even though there are many different bed lengths, there are only 2 basic truck bed size standard bed and stepside bed.

Standard Beds

These are also called as a Fleetside or Styleside bed. Available in many sizes, the standard bed includes fender wells on the inside of the bed. It provides more cargo space inside the truck bed as the bed expends over the wheel wells. Therefore, instead of sticking out fender wells, the outside of the truck bed walls is sleek and align with the edge of the wheel wells.

Stepside Beds

This kind of truck bed is also known as Sportside or Flareside. With this design of the truck bed, the fender wells bulge toward the outside of the truck bed. The step in stepside is a built-in step between the cab and protruding fender well where otherwise would be a narrow, empty space.

Truck Bed Size Chart

Automakers typically change bed sizes when they introduce a new model year. It is used to be straightforward when there were only 2 options short bed and a long bed. This primary division has slowly changed over the time with the addition of newer cab styles, like the extended cab and crew cab, and now automakers typically offer several bed lengths. Having a more extensive selection can be great, but it can also make problems when getting ready to buy accessories for your truck’s bed.

If you’re not sure exactly what size truck’s bed is, use the following comparison chart to help you comprehend it. We’ve included as many dimensions as we’ve been able to find.

Truck Cab Types

These days, though, more and more folks use trucks as their primary way of transportation. People want vehicles that can haul any gods and get them around town.

There are more solutions than ever out there for trucks, which is superb concerning getting clearly what you want but makes it difficult to know precisely what you're seeking. Clear up that confusion by walking y through 3 main styles of cabs used on recent truck models.

Regular Cab Truck

This type of truck cab is the smallest of the 3, providing seating for 2 or 3 people. It has two full-size, front-hinging doors, and unlike the other cab types, regular cab truck usually has no extra space behind the first row.

Extended Cab Truck

This style of the truck cab has at least 2 full-sizes, front doors and extra seating behind the first row. The back seats are accessible either by moving the main seats forward or by opening a set of smaller, rearward doors. An extended cab typically has a set of smaller passenger windows behind the first-row windows.

Crew Cab Truck

This kind of truck cab is the largest of the 3 and typically has 4 full-size, front doors. It provides the most space with 2 full rows and seating for up to 5 or 6 people. Some of the largest crew cabs also deliver extra room behind the second row.