15 Best Red Rims with Style, Strength & Functionality

Upgrading your vehicle with a new set of rims is one of the best methods to change how it looks. They can vary in size and color, offering you many ways to enhance your car. But if you want to make a statement, then the red rims will be your #1 choice.

Drop your old wheels now and make a statement with these 15 beauties.


Available in sizes: 17×7.5, 18×8, 18×9, 19×8.5, 19×9.5, 20×10.5, 20×9, 22×9, 22×10.5

These bold and aggressively-styled rims are sure to grab attention as they roll by. TM3259 features a gloss black finish all over with red accenting. They’re manufactured from the finest aluminum alloy, which makes them lightweight yet super rigid. Marquee M3259 Rims are available in large sizes, ideal for giving your car a sporty and aggressive look. Their sturdy fabrication will ensure they continue to look fresh for years to come. These rims are a real deal thanks to their fabrication, size, and intricate design.


  • Engineered with the strong u-shaped holes;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles;
  • Highly resistant to corrosion;
  • Lifetime structural and one-year finish warranty.

Available in sizes: 15×8, 16×8, 17×8, 18×9, 20×9, 22×9.5
The Tuff’s latest innovation, the T01 18-inch rims, are built from durable cast aluminum finished in a superior matte black with red wheel details. The 6-spoke design of the T01’s wheel face creates an aggressive off-road image. Come in a variety of sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns, you’re sure to find the right fitment for your vehicle’s taste. So, whether you drive a Jeep or powerful SUV, the Tuff has you covered with a set of highly-efficient red car rims.


  • Heavy-duty construction for the most challenging terrain;
  • Easy installation & proper fit;
  • Bold six-spoke design with red accent inserts;
  • Two-year finish and five-year structural warranty;
  • Sold individually.

Available in sizes: 20×12, 22×12

XF Offroad Gloss Black & Red XF-214 Rims offer an aggressive appearance and style. You can avoid the hype with these wheels and get a quality rim that will stand out from the crowd. This model will complement your vehicle regardless of trim or paint. It features 6 flat face big spokes. These attributes add an extra layer of class and an option for customization. XF Offroad rims are made of aluminum and designed to get maximum strength for materials.


  • Available in multiple diameters, offsets, and bolt patterns;
  • Constructed from durable, heavy-duty cast aluminum;
  • Gloss black and red finish;
  • Sports six flat face large spokes;
  • Sold individually and come with a limited lifetime & 1-year finish warranty.

Available in sizes: 20×9, 20×10, 20×12, 22×10, 22×12

XD Brushed Red Pike Rims boast a classic and effective 8-spoke design, making it one of the most popular designs of all aftermarket rims. The smooth lip layout with the KMC logo is an excellent complement to the milled accents within the wheel, contrasting the powerful brushed red finish to turn your SUV or truck into the finest ride on the road. Offering 20-inch and 22-inch diameters and every bolt pattern on the market, so you don’t need to worry for a perfect fit.


  • Brushed red finish and milled accents
  • Eight spoke design with a deep lip and clean lines;
  • Two-piece, bolt-on cap and exposed lug center with “XD” logo;
  • Built from a one-piece, cast aluminum;
  • 1-Year Finish and limited lifetime structural warranty.

Available in sizes: 22×12, 24×12

This cool red sport rims feature dynamic spoke width to make diamond shapes within the windows. Axe uses machining on half the spokes to produce depth in the design and utilizes milling to accent the windows. Its center is covered in a candy red finish with milled accents around the spokes and windows. The lip is enriched with the signature Compression Forged text on opposite sides of an otherwise sleek finish. This 10 y-spoke rime will provide a high quality and high strength wheel for your off-road vehicle or Jeep.


  • Smooth lip and patented center cap;
  • Compression Forged rim;
  • Candy red finish with 10 y-spoke design;
  • Lifetime structural warranty;
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, bolts, and offsets.

Available in sizes: 17×9

The first thing you’ll spot on these Fuel Red Zephyr Beadlock rims is the amazing candy red finish. The red color ideally adorns the rock-crawler inspired wheel face. To upgrade the finish, and to prove these rims aren’t just about looking cool, is a matching beadlock ring with stainless hardware. This one-piece alloy rim is available in 17-inch rim size and features a multi-spoke design that will add a serious off-road attitude to your ride. Its 5-lug 5×150 bolt pattern is a perfect fitment for the newer Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and newer 5-bolt Tundra trucks.


  • Aggressive off-road layout with a beadlock;
  • Features candy red finish beadlock ring;
  • Offered in a number of sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns;
  • Fabricated by dependable cast aluminum;
  • Sold individually with a lifetime structural and one-year finish warranty.

Available in sizes: 17×9, 18×9.5, 20×9.5

The Black Rhino Red & Black Reno Rims introduce a new beadlock rim design from Black Rhino Wheels. The outer lip features a simulated beadlock lip for any race or adventure. The metal bolt accents and rugged style will look superb anywhere. This model sports a finish that protects the aluminum alloy from corrosion or abrasion. A classic 6-spoke design with edgy wheel windows and contrasting lip accents give these rims stance and character. The wheel’s outer surface is a second grated ring that sifts out debris and sand, allowing for cooler running brakes.


  • Ideally balanced for a quiet and smooth ride;
  • Constructed to carry heavy loads;
  • 5-year structural and 2-year finish warranty;
  • Six-spoke design with concave mesh style center;
  • Sold individually.

Available in sizes: 17×9.5, 18×9.5, 20×9.5

Aluminum alloy material gives these black red rims strength while maintaining a light weight. This helps with efficiency and having a durable model that looks good longer is a smart investment. The Red finish will complement your vehicle well with Black Rhino’s signature powder coating. The wheels’ center is composed of 5 concave spokes. This unique pattern was designed specially to ensure that they look awesome in all environments with multiple paint colors and trims. These 17-inch rims are exclusively designed for the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator.


  • Built from premium grade cast aluminum;
  • 5-year structural and 2-year finish warranty;
  • Include embossed Black Rhino logo center cap;
  • Come with five concave spokes;
  • Sold individually.

Available in sizes: 17x.9, 18×8.5, 20×9

The MO993 from Moto Metal features a split 8-spoke design, deep lip and face inserts that allow you the opportunity to customize the wheels to your wishes. A bright chrome finish covers the rim for a reflective finish to match other chrome accessories on your vehicle. MO993 red chrome rims are offered for a waste range of trucks and include different offsets, bolt patterns, and sizes. The manufacturer uses extremely durable, one-piece cast aluminum to make this model. With a clean, plain deep lip design and the ability to customize, these red and chrome rims will fit the bill.


  • Bright chrome finish with the 8-split spoke design;
  • Built out of durable, solid cast aluminum;
  • Lifetime limited structural and one-year finish warranty;
  • Milled Moto Metal logo on the lip;
  • Sold individually.

Available in sizes: 22×12, 24×14, 26×16

These red truck rims from Fittipaldi Off-Road boast multiple spokes with split designs that carve into the deep sleek barrel to underline the aggressive attitude. Each spoke features milled faces with original contours to create style and depth. Large diameters and deep lips are what this manufacturer specializes in, and the FTF 07 puts those attributes on display. This model is covered in a red finish that’s offset with milled accents around each spoke. The center cap is complemented with the Fittipaldi Off-Road logo. And to complete the appearance, the brand’s logo is engraved into the rim.


  • Red finish adorned with the milled spoke accents;
  • One-year finish and lifetime structural warranty;
  • Fittipaldi Off-Road Engraving and Fittipaldi center cap;
  • Forged from one-piece durable, heavy-duty aluminum;
  • Unique and rugged design.

Available in sizes: 20×10, 20×12, 22×10, 22×12, 24×12

Vision Black & Red Razor 363 rims sport a deep concave design and thick six spokes that fill up the center and give a window sharp angles. The spokes emphasize milled accents with a red tint overlay to help set this wheel apart from the rest. Large diameters and rugged styles are what Vision experts in, and the Razor highlights these features. Built to last, each rim is built from durable cast aluminum in one-piece construction. Also, the center cap is engraved with the Vision logo to complete the appearance.


  • Gloss black finish with the red-tinted accents;
  • Concave design complemented with milled spoke face;
  • Vison center cap is included;
  • One-year finish and lifetime structural warranty;
  • Ideal for customizing your SUV or truck.

Available in sizes: 22×12

Dropstars Black & Red 657 Rims have a deep lipped face to spotlight an aggressive stance and offset. They’re a one-piece construction built from durable cast aluminum. The split spokes highlight milled accents and produce a labyrinth-like design in a directional manner that flows around each window. The spokes are split with a narrow window creating contour and depth. The rim is covered in a glossy black finish that’s offset by the milled red accents around the wheel’s face. The center cap is equipped with the D-Star logo to upgrade the look.


  • Arrive with the rotational mesh design and gloss black finish;
  • Engraved Dropstars cap;
  • Lifetime structural and 1-year finish warranty;
  • Feature smooth deep lip & milled red accents;
  • Fabricated by a solid cast aluminum.

Available in sizes: 17×9, 20×10, 22×12

Off-Road Monster M14 has earned a respectable and distinguished reputation in the industry. It can be attributed to the uniqueness and quality of each wheel manufactured by Off-Road Monster. This model is a tremendous one-piece high-grade aluminum alloy wheel engineered for durability. Sporting 9 mesh spokes with a deep lip style, this rim will certainly grab some attention. Finished to perfection, this rim is flawless, and with a selection of sizes and colors, the M14 has something for everyone. The off-Road Monster logo is etched on the lip edge along with the raised letter logo on the center cap.


  • Multiple fitment options;
  • One-piece aluminum construction;
  • Designed with 9-mesh spokes;
  • Lifetime structural and one-year finish warranty;
  • Lug nuts sold separately.

Available in sizes: 20×10, 20×12, 22×12

Ballistic Black & Red 581 Beast will take your wheel game to the next level by adding brilliant crimson red accents. The reason is the confidence these beautiful 8-spoke rims radiate and the superior quality the manufacturer guarantees. Available in many bolt patterns and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your SUV or truck. Plus, these wheels are covered by a one-year finish warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the cast aluminum build.


  • Gloss black finish with red inserts;
  • Made from cast aluminum;
  • The Center cap includes a Ballistic logo;
  • One-year finish and limited lifetime structural warranty;
  • Sold individually.

Available in sizes: 20×9, 20×10

These rims are produced with a unique Y spoke pattern with tight windows. Each window highlights a tight mesh design that adds to the aggression and style of this model. A matte black finish with milled red details covers the wheel for an off-road look while also protecting the aluminum structure. Designed for Jeep, SUV, and tuck fitments, Mayhem deploys a broad array of sizes and fitments. Supported by advanced manufacturing technologies and unique engineering, these eye-catching wheels offer a macho look and fantastic performance.


  • Matte black finish with red accents;
  • High-grade aluminum construction;
  • Computer balanced for a comfortable and smooth ride;
  • Sold individually;
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

For one of the best sets of red rims, consider the Marquee Staggered M3259 Rims for their unique design and aggressive style. Also, you can choose the Tuff Black & Red T01 Rims, which are much less expensive and highlight an elegant yet rugged appearance.